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You can either launch the stream by clicking “Go Live” on the Streamlabs Chat Bot dashboard or directly via your Twitch account. Anyone can use and access streamlabs bot and doing so grants you points for interacting with the channels and community. If you are happy to navigate from software to software with a mouse, you won’t find a need for it. However, if you like quick access to certain functions without interrupting your game, a stream deck will become your best friend. OBS, the much-preferred OS in the streaming community, will offer more flexibility over time. It is also supported by the community who sometimes create plugins you might be searching for.

Twitch Chat is an essential component of the streaming service, allowing the streamer and viewers to maintain an excellent conversational connection centered on a single Twitch channel. Understanding and managing your Twitch Chat Log is critical for ensuring a great chat experience and preventing bad apples from wreaking havoc. You can stream to Twitch directly from your phone, but most people use a thing called OBS to do it from computers.

Streamlabs Bot Information

The last nightbot section for this article is the Spam Protection. It offers a variety of filters to automatically delete messages you wouldn’t want to see. Next, make sure the Table is sitting below the overlay image just like your camera and move and resize it to fit the transparent area in the overlay.

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It’s really easy to use and even saves information like emotes and awards to help fill gaps in your data. On the other hand, Chatty will not automatically log in to your chats and erase older messages after a certain period. Note that not all commands will work on both streaming services. Anything that prints a regular message with links, or addresses users will work fine, but commands that rely on variables provided by the streaming service may fail. Firstly, make sure that the death counter overlay is properly installed on your broadcasting software.

Stay Hydrated Bot

Both of your two scenes will contain the Source “Capture 1” we added earlier. Even if you change the selected table in one of them, it will change in the other as well. Create your own virtual stream pet that greets viewers, dances to songs and many more fun interactions with custom commands. Dynamic Delay is an OBS plugin where you can rewind, add slow motion and time skipping on live sources.

The program is great, the prime sub when used was great. Customer support and charging after you cancel prime is terrible. Paid for a year last year, haven’t used it in the last 6 months, no time.

#2 – Mouse & Keyboard: LG LightSpeed

Our Logi Bolt wireless devices are Bluetooth Low Energy 5.0 or higher. We actively use all the security mechanisms introduced in Bluetooth Low Energy Core Specification 4.2. If your Logitech wireless device did not come with a USB receiver, your wireless keyboard or mouse may have Bluetooth wireless connectivity or is Logi Bolt enabled. Look for a Logi Bolt logo on the bottom (the side that rests on the desk surface) of your Logitech wireless products. If you see a Logi Bolt logo that means your device is compatible with a Logi Bolt USB receiver even if one did not come in the box.

streamlabs bot

We are dedicated to teaching content creators everything they need to know to help them start or grow their streaming journey. The easiest Twitch bot to use, setup and run every single stream. It’s also one of the most popular bots across both Twitch and YouTube. As someone that streams professionally every single day, I’ve been using InstructBot since the day it was created. The straight-forward interface, extremely approachable and receptive developer, and reliability of the bot and its performance are second-to-none. To find out where you are on the leaderboard go /charede and check the leaderboard panel, make sure the ‘gold’ panel is selected.

Setting up OBS Scenes and Sources

Finally, remember you can reach out to our team on our Discord channel, who you can ask for support if you or someone in your audience is having trouble or feels unsafe. Make sure you set up two-factor authentication for all of your social media sites, like Twitter, Discord, Steam, and Twitch accounts. If you need more information on how to get set up, check out our page on ‘How to take part’ which talks about signing up to Tiltify, setting up your PC, and more. The list is up to you, but you will also find curated lists on the web you can paste in here. To keep the chat even cleaner, you can check the box on the “Silent” option. Taking a look at the Blacklist filter, you can specify a word or phrase per line you want to delete automatically and timeout the user.

  • As a Twitch streamer, adding a death counter is a great way to bring more engagement and excitement to your channel.
  • Automatically generate help messages to keep your viewers informed about what’s currently enabled.
  • I would recommend this bot to any serious content creator looking to create or expand their revenue generation capabilities.
  • Both of your two scenes will contain the Source “Capture 1” we added earlier.

Another popular option is Nightbot, which is primarily used as a chat moderation tool but also includes Death Counting capabilities. It’s effortless to set up and use, making it perfect for beginners or those who don’t need advanced customization options like Streamlabs OBS provides. Do more with Logi Bolt devices using the Logi Options+ App that allows users to effortlessly take control of their workflow and is designed to transform how they work. Logi Bolt is a cutting-edge wireless protocol, engineered to meet rising enterprise security expectations. It combines Bluetooth® Low Energy wireless technology Security Mode 1, Security Level 4 – sometimes called U.S. Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS) is a cryptography standard recognized by the Canadian government and the European Union.

Gold in chat to see your rank and current gold points. For reference, some games will pause completely when clicking out of the application, which could impact your viewers’ immersion in your stream. It could be overwhelming to get started but as you develop these skills you’ll find everything you need in this software. It is also compatible with Stream Deck by Elgato, a joy to have at hand. As mentioned in the intro, it took me a while to understand how important a key light was.

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That said, don’t overkill your budget, starting a new stream channel can be a high upfront cost. Despite the slow and horrendous start, I enjoyed the whole streaming journey. I wanted a proper setup with the right equipment and software to make me feel more enthusiastic about my channel. In this article, I share my opinion and take on a mid-range streaming PC setup using my own equipment and software as references. You can rest assured that these reviews are genuine and based on a real-life streamer experience.

Tipping, Bits & Subscribing

Not only it makes you visible to your audience, but the quality of your camera will improve as it won’t compensate for low light. Unless you’ll play solely with a controller, you might want to invest in a proper gaming mouse & keyboard. Most games with high-definition graphics will require a high refresh frame rate monitor. You don’t want to play a game where movements are blurry or frozen on your monitor for too long.

streamlabs bot

You’ll be surprised how receptive the people around you might be, of course they’ll want to support you. If you enjoy my content, please consider supporting me on Ko-fi. In return you can browse this whole site without any pesky ads!

Several additional chatbots, such as Nightbot, Streamlabs, and StreamElements Bot, are excellent alternatives to Chatty that will make your streaming experience even more enjoyable and successful. This article will educate you about why should monitor your Twitch user chat logs and how you may do so. We’ll also address several personal-security concerns, such as ‘Who can access your chat logs? In a ‘hate raid,’ though, a streamers’ chat is deluged with abusive language, usually from bot accounts.

streamlabs bot

Customer service responded that each client would have to buy their own prime subscription-month by month. Absolute joke-not recommended for anyone offering multistream for clients. The options this program gave helped me find the best outlay for my streaming goals. Even down to the notification settings, which was something I was most curious about.

How to do a Twitch bot?

  1. Get an OAuth access token to be able to authenticate with Twitch.
  2. Create an instance of Twitch Client with a connection config built in the format supported by the Client.
  3. Setup the behaviors we want our bot to have (commands it is supposed to answer, messages it should ignore, etc.)

Streaming video games on Twitch has become a popular pastime for many gamers all around the world. One common feature that streamers use is the Death Counter, which allows streamlabs bot viewers to keep track of how many times a player dies in-game. Setting up this feature requires choosing the right software, as there are numerous options available.

Can you use Cloudbot on OBS?

Setting up a chatbot or a cloudbot would be straightforward if you already use Streamlabs OBS. Both versions are completely free to use and include many useful features.

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